Sparkles = Stellar Tokens

The Stellar network relies on trustlines to send and receive tokens. Because of this, you cannot just send a token to any account you want. The account must first “accept” the token by establishing a trustline to it, then the token can be sent. This makes it hard to “surprise” someone with a token. Luckily, there is a way around this!

First, you need to generate a new account keypair and fund the new account. You will need to fund the account with 3 XLM + the price of the token you want to purchase.

Second, you will create a trustline from the new account to the token you want, then make the purchase.

Third, you will add the account that you want to receive the token as an additional signer on the new account. (You can follow the steps here). Now, that account will have access to the token! You just need to send the person the public key for the new account and they will be able to control the account with their main account key. Easy! Now, go out and send some Sparkles.

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